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Travel by Hannah

I launched my business in the midst of the pandemic, and I opted to join the Midcounties Co-operative Travel Consortium. After much research, the choice was easy for me as their offering and service was unrivalled.

In an extra stressful time to be opening a travel business I felt supported, heard, and understood. I haven’t looked back since.

Although there’s many members of various sizes within the Consortium, I always feel I matter and very supported in running my business in the way that works best for myself and team.

The commercial terms allow us to be extremely competitive in our offering and continue to aid in growth of business paired with the wide range of tour operators (vetted by their in-house commercial team for peace of mind) for us to use for our clients.

What Travel by Hannah said about us

Running a business alone – it is important to have people you can trust, and it makes the difference of having the backup of the 
experienced Consortium team invaluable - any ideas or concerns I know I can soundboard confidentially and I am never treated as 
a “one size fits all”.
Whilst I choose to run my business independently, I appreciate the assurance my team and the advice I have from 
the support teams, You can always ask other members advice too which is great! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, they 
want you to succeed.
I can’t recommend this Consortium enough!
I am looking forward to hopefully many more years of correlating positive growth together