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Commercial Partnerships

Commercial Services

Our commercial team collaborates with a wide range of leading tour operators to secure the best commercial terms, staff incentives, and tactical offers. This ensures our consortium members remain competitive and have the essential tools to run a successful travel business. By exploiting our strong industry partnerships and expertise, we empower our members to deliver exceptional value and experiences to their clients. 

We offer over 250 commercial agreements with top suppliers across a wide range of categories, from mainstream to luxury, specialist to niche, overland to cruising itineraries, and from weddings to special occasions, covering destinations from Europe to the Australia. These bespoke agreements, negotiated on behalf of our members, allow them to focus more on customer experience and sales activities. All agreements comply with ABTA and CAA requirements, ensuring peace of mind and eliminating the burden of unnecessary administration. Members can access these agreements through the member zone.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to build powerful partnerships and collaborations that provide our consortium members with increasing value and unique offerings for their customers, enabling sustainable business growth. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to reduce global carbon emissions. We believe in partnering with businesses that share similar values and goals, which is crucial for our future organisation.


Buying Power

Our consortium uses Midcounties collective buying power to secure top supplier agreements, offering members unmatched terms and competitive advantages across a diverse range of travel products. 

Training & Incentives

We offer comprehensive training and attractive incentives to equip our consortium members with the knowledge and motivation to deliver exceptional service and drive sales

Competitive Commissions

We offer competitive commissions on all bookings, ensuring our consortium members maximize their earnings and enhance their profitability.

Financial Services 

A key component of our managed services proposition is the support provided by our financial team. We recognise that efficient administration costs time and money, so through our centralised payment system, members can enjoy significant savings. This central support and control of supplier payments also help reduce risk and is favoured by our partners, facilitating rapid on-boarding and immediate trading. The Finance team provides detailed monthly commission statements, fully automated, allowing members to concentrate on their core business activities.

Supplier Payments

Our centralised payment system streamlines supplier payments, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring timely transactions for our consortium members.

Commission Invoicing

Our automated system provides detailed monthly commission invoices, allowing consortium members to focus on their business while ensuring accurate and timely payments.

Ben Lovatt

Ben Lovatt

Commercial Manager

Harriet Desai

Harriet Desai


Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Commercial Support & Communications Co-ordinator

Sarah Hubble

Sarah Hubble

Commercial &
Communications Assistant